When the plane touched tarmac in Havana, our first order of business was delivering the urgent veterinary supplies we carried.

If you’ve been to Cuba you know how desperately dogs need medicines and thanks to your support, we managed to take several large bags of much needed supplies – providing little miracles to dogs that previously had no hope.

Remember this is a place where they round up street dogs and mass poison them using strychnine, causing them to suffer in agony for twenty minutes before they die.

Donald Trump is tightening travel restrictions to Cuba, but you will be relieved to know we will continue to be allowed entry as a humanitarian organization. This means your support will reach mean more medicine and more miracles to dogs in distress in Cuba.

Please will you donate now to fund urgent life-giving supplies?


On this most recent trip we of course met with our partners at PAC, Protection of Animals in the City, who are doing wonderful work for animals – aided by your steadfast support.

They were so grateful to receive the medicines we delivered thanks to you!

Supplies there are always critically low. Many dogs are in mortal need of urgent wound care, mite and mange control, basic vaccines, and also spay/neuter.

Your past generosity meant dogs could be helped on that day, helping PAC deliver as close as possible to the care you’d give your own cat or dog at home.

The missions of mercy you support are saving dogs from death!

PAC and the dogs have no one without us. Please say you’ll click below to ensure they continue, and give as generously as you can.


When I email you next I’ll share more about the heroic trip to Havana you helped make possible for long-suffering street dogs there – you are shining such a light during dark times.

Please don’t give up on these dogs. They are all alone, and they need you.

Bring medicine and miracles to the dogs of Cuba now. You’ll be so glad you did.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Our humanitarian work for innocent animals who suffer in places like Cuba and around the world continues day and night, despite the season or the weather and outside of party or politics. We need true-blue partners by our side to pledge monthly donations that let us draw from a reliable source of funds to help animals. If you, too, are true-blue, click here and select Recurring Donation to become a monthly supporter. You are truly, deeply needed.

P.P.S. When a disaster like Hurricane Irma ravages a country like Cuba the already difficult needs of animals are only exacerbated.

Immediately after Irma, my team rushed to Havana with desperately needed food and supplies. But as daily life returns to its normal rhythm the animals in Cuba are still counting on us. They need us. Whatever you might be able to donate, please be as generous as you can today.

This is part one of a three-part series.
Click here to continue to part two.