This is part two of a three-part series.
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After safely delivering the medicines and other lifesaving veterinary supplies that you helped purchase, our hearts grew heavy.

We knew we had to reach Zoonosis, the government-run extermination camp on the outskirts of Havana where dogs are poisoned with the vicious strychnine.

It’s a tragically misguided notion you and I have seen all over the world, that mass killings are the equivalent to population control for these poor animals.

You and I both know that NOTHING could be further from the truth!

We are fighting to stop the poisonings and mass murder of Cuba’s dogs. But we need your help to keep up the pressure and return until things are made right.


And, the rumors around Zoonosis made it even worse.

At every turn in our journey we heard murmurings that the condemned dogs are held at Zoonosis in giant concrete cells where they must fight each other for food.

In their final hours, the young, the old, and the weak get nothing but more violence and an empty tummy. Not to mention we heard talk of even more sadistic execution methods. It’s unconscionable!

Channel your anger and your sorrow for these suffering friends now and give to continue the fight. We will never turn away, no matter how ugly the truth.


The video above reveals the public face of this murderous hellhole for Havana’s dogs. Please share it with as many of your friends who love animals as you can so we can show the world what’s happening.

But first, give generously to fuel our fight.

With your help and together with our partner PAC – Protection of Animals in the City – we will not rest for Cuba’s dogs.

Please don’t turn away at their darkest hour. Help us bring about the day when the last killing truck to Zoonosis is halted forever. Give now.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Our humanitarian work for innocent animals who suffer in places like Cuba and around the world continues day and night, despite the season or the weather and outside of party or politics. We need true-blue partners by our side to pledge monthly donations that let us draw from a reliable source of funds to help animals. If you, too, are true-blue, click here and select Recurring Donation to become a monthly supporter. You are truly, deeply needed.

P.P.S. When a disaster like Hurricane Irma ravages a country like Cuba the already difficult needs of animals are only exacerbated.

Immediately after Irma, my team rushed to Havana with desperately needed food and supplies. But as daily life returns to its normal rhythm the animals in Cuba are still counting on us. They need us. Whatever you might be able to donate, please be as generous as you can today.