This is part three of a three-part series.
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I wish you could have been there beside my team to witness it.

After all the hard work and late nights, after the heartbreak of that trip to Zoonosis, along came Rosita to remind us all that every dog is worth this fight.

When little Rosita was rescued from the streets spay/neuter was of course in order. (In Rosita’s case, she will be spayed just as soon as she is old enough.)

Just like you and me, our partners at Protect City Animals (PAC) passionately believe that the first rule of population control for animals is to ease the burden of nonstop reproduction and help humanely.

Please could you pledge monthly or give now to help them continue?


Your past donations mean PAC doesn’t have to stop at spay/neuter and release Rosita to the danger of the streets…

On this trip, they wanted you to see the impact of your donations, and asked would we please come for Rosita’s foster visit.

You would be so proud. PAC brought medicines, supplies, and even nutritious food to her new foster home.

Then they stayed to make sure Rosita and her family had all they needed, the same way you’d do for your own animal friends – right down to a daily care plan.

So many other Rositas are out there who need you. And there isn’t a moment to lose. Even $10 or $15 from you could change everything.


I hope this 3-part series on our recent mercy mission for the dogs of Cuba has meant as much to you as it has to me. Without your support, we would be lost.

In a place where street dogs like Rosita risk torture and death at the hands of the government every day… where there isn’t a waiting veterinarian or a surgery or adoption center… your ongoing donations mean life.

Please, if you are able, give generously to help another Rosita – to send more medicine and miracles to help NFA help the heroes at PAC – to save a furry friend from death.

The dogs of Cuba need you. Click here to give.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Our humanitarian work for innocent animals who suffer in places like Cuba and around the world continues day and night, despite the season or the weather and outside of party or politics. We need true-blue partners by our side to pledge monthly donations that let us draw from a reliable source of funds to help animals. If you, too, are true-blue, click here and select Recurring Donation to become a monthly supporter. You are truly, deeply needed.

P.P.S. When a disaster like Hurricane Irma ravages a country like Cuba the already difficult needs of animals are only exacerbated.

Immediately after Irma, my team rushed to Havana with desperately needed food and supplies. But as daily life returns to its normal rhythm the animals in Cuba are still counting on us. They need us. Whatever you might be able to donate, please be as generous as you can today.