Thanks to the compassion of Network for Animals supporters, we have been able to donate £3,250 to the voluntary Wounded Badger Patrols working in the south of England. These vital funds are enough to provide:

– Six GPS Devices;
– Food and drink for a mobile canteen;
– High visibility clothing like the jackets worn above;
– A heavy duty badger cage to take injured badgers to safety;
– Literature to use at further fundraising events in the UK;
– A major contribution towards a vital thermal imaging camera;

This donation was made possible with gifts of almost £2000 from our generous online supporters, and a large contribution from our own reserves.

Network for Animals have fought the badger cull since its proposal in 2011, and strongly urge the cancelling of the failing project this year, to be replaced with proven, cheap and humane badger vaccination. Badgers are at worst a minor contributor to the issue of Tuberculosis in cattle, and it is simply inexcusable that almost £15,000,000 has been spent killing badgers in these austere times.

You can learn more about volunteering as a wounded badger patroller here, and give a donation to support our work here.