Network for Animals has joined forces with other welfare organisations to encourage supporters to sign the 38 Degrees petition against the badger cull.

The government consultation on the badger cull has now finished, but the 38 Degrees petition remains open to signatures.  We need more, many more, to get the government to sit up and take action.  The reason we are supporting an external petition is because we believe working together is the only way to stop cruelty to badgers.  38 Degrees’ strong record in forcing government U-turns on politically controversial issues has convinced us to join their fight.  With 100,000 signatures the government will no longer be able to ignore the repeated calls to listen to sense and science as the sheer volume of opposition will speak for itself.

Andrew Plumbly, Executive Director of NFA, says: “The DEFRA decision to allow culling flies in the face of the best available science on the matter and will cause immeasurable suffering for badgers while doing nothing to solve the TB problem”

So, act now, sign the 38 Degrees petition here and show the government how you feel about their plans to kill badgers in England.

The petition is calling for a government rethink on plans to shoot thousands of English badgers, making the following demands:

  •   Listen to the scientists who warn this cull plan is unlikely to make any significant dent in cow TB and could even make the problem worse.
  •   Properly support farmers affected by TB. Provide adequate compensation and investment in evidence-based solutions including vaccination trials and better cow welfare
  •   Focus on a long-term strategy to eradicate TB, not political gestures which aren’t backed by the science