Animal lovers from all over the world have already shown we can engender change if we stand together and make our voices heard. Many major airline companies have bowed to public pressure and stated they will  no longer be transporting animals killed by trophy hunters. Network for Animals is grateful to these companies for putting ethics before profits.

Recently we asked what it says about a company if they are happy to profit from trophy hunting and asked you to sign our petition to the CEO of Fedex asking him to stop transporting animals killed by trophy hunters.  Thousands of NFA supporters have signed and shared, and expressed their anger and disappointment at Fedex on social media. As yet, Fedex have made no statement.

UPS, on the other hand, have stated that they have no intention of bowing to public pressure and will continue to cash in on the deaths of animals at the hands of trophy hunters.

The silence of Fedex, and the words of UPS suggest one thing: They think our anger will dissipate. They think we will soon forget about Cecil the lion, and the thousands like him who bloodthirsty trophy hunters have killed. But we won’t.

If they continue to choose profits over ethics, and ship the heads and stuffed bodies of needlessly-killed animals to the homes and offices of depraved hunters, we will forever associate their brand as one that is complicit in the decimation of our wildlife.

So which one of these global companies will be the first to do the right thing? It is the pioneers that people will remember.

Frederick Smith, CEO of Fedex and David Abney, CEO of UPS should take this opportunity now, before their reputations are tarnished for good.