After a dramatic few weeks in British politics, Theresa May was the last one standing in the Tory leadership race, and will become the new UK Prime Minister as of Wednesday  13th July, after David Cameron’s final Prime Minister’s Questions appearance.

Some animal lovers might be relieved that Andrea Leadsom suddenly withdrew from the race, given her recent comments on hunting with hounds. However, although less outspoken on the matter recently, Theresa May is also on record as being in favour of a repeal of the Hunting Act.

May has been described  as someone who is not afraid to make enemies.  But is she willing to cause upset amongst the UK population, the overwhelming majority of whom are vehemently opposed to bloodsports? And is she willing to broach the subject of a repeal when she is also keen to create unity in the party? There are now more Tory MPs than ever who are anti-repeal, so it could be a risky move.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that we must expect the unexpected in British Politics. We mustn’t be complacent about the possibility of the Hunting Act being in jeopardy.

Write to your MP now, and urge them to save the Hunting Act when the time comes.