The unnatural and unexpected behavior in the photograph above, is just a single moment in a ‘fiesta’ weekend of Organized Horse Fighting in the southern Philippines. That weekend, almost 100 horses were forced to fight each other, for the unfathomable bloodlust of the crowd. Today we need your signature, to help end the cruelty.

In a horse fight, two stallions are incited to fight each other, over a mare in season. They bite, kick and strike with their hooves, inflicting serious injuries until one of them submits, flees or is killed. Gouges, gashes and broken limbs sustained during fights are serious and can be fatal. Currently, thousands of horses are involved in hundreds of fights throughout the southern Philippines, with fiestas organizing up to twenty fights per day over a three-day period.

Network for Animals confirmed a huge victory against Organized Horse Fighting in the Philippines earlier this year, using our own brand of political activism: Positive online petitioning, coupled with years of relationship building with those we are attempting to move to action.

We encourage you to make changes to the text in our Organized Horse Fighting petition, but please be respectful, as when we contact President Aquino, your tone may make all the difference. We also encourage you to share our petition, as the more support we gain, the more likely our voices will be heard.