We are SO GRATEFUL for friends like YOU! Part 5: BECAUSE YOU BELIEVED…

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Giving Tuesday is here… the day when generous people like you make a special gift to their favorite causes and charities to build a better, more just and humane world. Today, we hope you choose Network for Animals for your Giving Tuesday donation, in whatever amount feels right and generous for YOU. The animals will […]

Is there NO LIMIT to the inhumanity of the human species?

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We have told you before about the horrible lives of street dogs in the Bosnian city of Trebinje. If a homeless dog is captured in Trebinje then the poor dog is considered vermin and handed over to the city’s garbage unit to be dealt with as rubbish. The poor dogs are taken to the city’s […]

MASSACRE ensues from BOUNTY placed on street dogs’ heads!

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This week, we’ve shared with you an absolutely sickening story about dogs being brutally tortured and killed in Palestine – at the encouragement of the mayor of Hebron! We have been urgently raising funds to get the dogs off the streets and out of the hands of their torturers, but we are nowhere near our […]