EMERGENCY aid needed to save baby donkey’s life!

Children dragged the young donkey through jagged gravel, LAUGHING AS THEY TORTURED HER!

It’s an EMERGENCY! Please, help us rush vital aid to a battered donkey foal in Israel. This is so sad, it breaks our hearts… …but we desperately need your help, so we must tell you about it. It was in the desert, south of Beersheba, where Israeli soldiers heard the blood-curdling cries of a creature […]

James was abandoned, then literally beaten blind!

Please will you help James now

We’ll get right to the point because, for James, help cannot wait a minute more. James’s family moved, and they left without him. As a result of this betrayal, he was beaten nearly blind, savagely punched and kicked. He tried to run, but he was pursued and beaten again and again until his little bones […]

URGENT: Australia’s animals trapped by WORST FLOOD IN DECADES!

Donate to help the animals drowning in the Australian flood Emergency

This is an URGENT EMERGENCY alert! Entire animal shelters are being evacuated, and wildlife is in dire need of rescue. Please act immediately if you possibly can: the terrible rains have spread! RIGHT NOW, frantic animals are dying… drowning… fleeing for their lives in the State of New South Wales at Australia’s southeastern tip. Dogs. […]

Poor Wookiee was trapped in his own filthy fur and dying because of it!

Poor Wookiee was trapped in his own filthy fur and dying because of it!

We received a desperate call for help from our partner on the ground, Fallen Angels in Cape Town, South Africa. When we got there, we were STUNNED by what we saw and now we urgently need your compassionate support. At first, we didn’t even know what we were seeing! We felt sick with shock! Lying […]

Rampant abuse to donkeys – beatings and whippings! DEATH FROM STARVATION!

kenya donkeys starving

In Lamu, a small island off the coast of Kenya, donkeys are starving, forced to scavenge for food on garbage heaps. They need our urgent help. There are an estimated 2,000 donkeys on the island of Lamu alone, and many suffer from shocking injuries, malnutrition and skin diseases. Donkey abuse is rampant; beatings and whippings […]