This horse fighting raid came to a totally unexpected conclusion!

Appeals 1

Horse fighting in the Philippines is one of the most gruesome events on this planet. If we rest… if we falter… if a lack of resources sees us miss even a single opportunity to shut down a fight and make our presence known, animals WILL suffer – and some will die. As you read about […]

BREAKING TRAGEDY! Starving dogs driven to CANNIBALISM during lockdown!

Appeals 5

We have told you before about our crusade to help thousands of innocent Turkish street dogs who cling to survival on the decomposing carcases dumped by 200 chicken egg farms. In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, we URGENTLY need your help so we can RUSH emergency food aid to help them. In a huge […]


Appeals 9

In the dangerous slums of Mitchells Plain, South Africa (Cape Town), poverty and desperation are part of the daily fabric of life. But now with fear of COVID-19 added to the mix, havoc reigns – and animals are suffering more than ever. We (they!) need your help today! What we are about to tell you […]

Billy was cast off like rubbish – at a WET MARKET!

Appeals 13

You may know the island of Mindanao in the Philippines is home to the gruesome bloodsport of horse fighting, and with your help, we are fighting to end it. But there is also an incredible shelter that is doing amazing work for rescued stray dogs there. We helped fund its construction and advise on management […]

We don’t know how Ocho the kitty survived!

Appeals 16

If graphic images upset you, please don’t scroll any further. The image of Ocho the cat above is the least graphic one we have to show what this gentle, sweet cat has endured. We are urgently appealing for your help to fund Ocho’s care and rehabilitation, and to keep resources in place to rescue other […]

URGENT! Coronavirus is threatening dogs and cats at our partner’s remote sanctuary!


As coronavirus races around the world with heartbreaking and deadly speed… …stray and unwanted animals are under immense threat! We need your help today! The threat is already a crisis at NFA’s partner sanctuary in remote, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. They do life-saving work for dogs and cats they rescue from the streets. Your past generosity has […]

Mother and foal collapse after barbaric bush race!

Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary

A terrible scourge of bush racing is sweeping through rural South Africa, causing enormous suffering for horses. With your help, we can fight it and save countless horses (and foals) from excruciating suffering and death. In the Gouda area in the Western Cape, horses are stolen and abused by delinquent children who outrageously mishandle them […]

Just hours remain to save 4 innocent ponies from CORONA DOOM!

Hugs Foundation

We have received a desperate plea for help to save four ponies in England who will have to be put down if we can’t rescue them. We are trying to raise £5,000 to move them to safety and give them urgent medical care. We have just hours to SAVE these doomed ponies. We CAN and […]

Coronavirus (and lockdowns) put street dogs in mortal danger!

Worldwide dog food crisis

The corona crisis has placed street dogs in frightening danger all around the world. Most countries are in some form of lockdown, and street dogs are in deep trouble – they depend on volunteers and animal lovers to feed them. Many depend on you and NFA. Not enough food is getting to street dogs – […]

Together we did it! Donkey food has arrived! 250 donkeys saved!


In the midst of corona misery, thanks to you, there is some good news! But there is also a huge challenge… Three days ago, we told you we had 48 hours to buy enough food for 250 donkeys rescued from the Chinese donkey skin trade – food to last them through the corona crisis shutdown […]

URGENT! 24 hours left to save 250 donkeys from starvation!


The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, where we support 250 donkeys rescued from the Chinese donkey skin trade, is in a corona crisis! South Africa is going into total lockdown and the only fodder supplier in this remote area is closing. We have 24 hours to secure food, or donkeys could starve! If we can raise $10,000 […]