Soaked, starving, defenseless: 22 pups in DESPERATE NEED of help!

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Imagine being forced to give birth in a garbage-strewn ditch or rain-soaked street corner, then watching helplessly as your precious puppies grow weaker and more lethargic by the day. Imagine being savagely hacked by a heartless human, knowing your tiny pups are on the way… knowing there is no one in the world who loves […]

It’s DESPICABLE! Pregnant mares and young foals are being butchered!

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The callous cruelty that donkeys suffer in Africa is dreadful. Every day, we struggle to save as many as we can from the horrific Chinese donkey-skin trade and from brutal abuse by owners. Meisie is one poor victim. Meisie’s rural owner used her to protect his flocks from jackal and caracal predators. One day, he […]

In this tragic year of COVID, you can STILL help animals! Only 7 days remain!

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After what feels like the longest year, the holidays are here. Soon we’ll see the dawn of 2021, and what we hope are better days to come. From ALL of us in your Network for Animals family, thank you for your steadfast support and your faithful friendship that have helped animals in desperate need around […]


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The burnt township emergency worsens – please, can you help NOW? Five days ago, a devastating fire swept through the slum township of Masiphumelele near Cape Town, burning thousands of homes to the ground and leaving some 1,500 dogs and cats homeless. Many of the animals were burnt in the raging fire and our team has […]

Bethlehem’s street dogs are being shot, poisoned and burned with acid!

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Bethlehem is a special place in the minds of millions of people and will be forever associated with compassion, love and kindness. But sadly, in 2020, this does not apply to dogs who struggle to survive on the streets. What we saw in Bethlehem was shocking. Thousands of dogs are suffering from shameful abuse. Bethlehem’s […]

DESPICABLE! Dogs are being forced to become killing machines!

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We must tell you about a blood-thirsty and violent sport that is forcing man’s best friend to become a killing machine on demand. The situation is as urgent as it is despicable, and we desperately need your help to save lives and stop the barbarity in its tracks! In the Valley of a Thousand Hills […]