EIGHT gentle pony foals were destined to be SHOT and CHOPPED UP FOR MEAT!

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I am writing to tell you about the disaster that befell eight wild pony foals, separated from their mothers in the middle of winter on Bodmin Moor in England. Alone on the windswept, desolate moor, these eight ponies seemed to have only one future – to be shot and chopped up for meat. Credit: HUGS […]

Freedom Park may sound like a pleasant place, but it’s a NIGHTMARE FOR STREET DOGS!

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Freedom Park in South Africa is an impoverished, gang-infested NIGHTMARE FOR ANIMALS. Here, dogs and cats are routinely neglected and often viciously abused. They live surrounded by callous thugs who intentionally harm them just because they can. We have seen dogs burned with acid, brutally beaten, kicked almost to death, and starved to “teach them […]