Dogs who help PTSD traumatized soldiers, face death!

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On the Greek island of Crete, the Souda Shelter Project in Chania cares for 100 abandoned and abused dogs, many whom serve as therapy dogs for traumatized soldiers. Outrageously, local authorities say they will CLOSE THE SHELTER… because they “don’t like where it is located!”. Authorities have said it is illegal to tell you which […]

Three amazing animals YOU are helping during lockdown…

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With so much terrifying news coverage around the coronavirus, you may find yourself wondering if there is any good news out there. The answer is yes! If you scroll to the end of our message, you’ll find some “after” photos of rescued animals guaranteed to melt your heart. Your donations make such a difference at […]

Coronavirus food shortages and now drought conditions threaten our rescued donkeys!

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Your URGENT help is needed to transport 100 donkeys to safety forever! You helped us rescue hundreds of donkeys from violent deaths. Now, we’re asking you to become part of their ‘after’ story… With your support, we managed to save these treasured animal friends from being massacred for their hides but now we face another […]

Cassandra and her six defenseless puppies DESPERATELY need help!

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In Jordan, many dogs roam the streets abandoned and helpless. They are often thought of as pests and get brutally abused. Dogs are in a horrific situation here, and the corona crisis has made things much, much worse because during lockdown, food for street dogs is scarcer than ever. Many Jordanians do not like dogs […]

This horse fighting raid came to a totally unexpected conclusion!

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Horse fighting in the Philippines is one of the most gruesome events on this planet. If we rest… if we falter… if a lack of resources sees us miss even a single opportunity to shut down a fight and make our presence known, animals WILL suffer – and some will die. As you read about […]

BREAKING TRAGEDY! Starving dogs driven to CANNIBALISM during lockdown!

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We have told you before about our crusade to help thousands of innocent Turkish street dogs who cling to survival on the decomposing carcases dumped by 200 chicken egg farms. In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, we URGENTLY need your help so we can RUSH emergency food aid to help them. In a huge […]


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In the dangerous slums of Mitchells Plain, South Africa (Cape Town), poverty and desperation are part of the daily fabric of life. But now with fear of COVID-19 added to the mix, havoc reigns – and animals are suffering more than ever. We (they!) need your help today! What we are about to tell you […]

Billy was cast off like rubbish – at a WET MARKET!

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You may know the island of Mindanao in the Philippines is home to the gruesome bloodsport of horse fighting, and with your help, we are fighting to end it. But there is also an incredible shelter that is doing amazing work for rescued stray dogs there. We helped fund its construction and advise on management […]

We don’t know how Ocho the kitty survived!

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If graphic images upset you, please don’t scroll any further. The image of Ocho the cat above is the least graphic one we have to show what this gentle, sweet cat has endured. We are urgently appealing for your help to fund Ocho’s care and rehabilitation, and to keep resources in place to rescue other […]