Unbelievable cruelty to discarded Spanish greyhounds.

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We have told you before about the shocking sport-hunting industry in Spain – a ‘sport’ steeped in cruelty and indifference to suffering. It is an industry riddled with abhorrent practices and a complete disregard for animal welfare. Hunting areas are nothing more than chambers of horrors for animals like the Spanish greyhounds (galgos) and other […]

A catastrophic earthquake in Morocco – trapped animals NEED YOU NOW.

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Imagine the fear animals feel when the ground shakes, buildings collapse around them, and the air is thick with dust and filled with cries of despair. That happened in Morocco on Friday, as the nation’s most catastrophic earthquake in modern history wreaked havoc. Credit: Reuters Right now, animals are trapped, injured, and desperately in need […]

20,000 suffering cats need you now!

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Deep in the heart of Lamu East, Kenya, untold numbers of homeless cats and kittens lead short, miserable lives of hunger, neglect and pain. Stricken by severe starvation and sickness, they eke out a sad existence on islands where hope feels miles away, struggling for scraps and some semblance of shelter just to survive. Credit: […]

A second wave of 355 wildfires is burning animals throughout Greece.

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Wildfire disaster strikes again! In Greece, our teams are frantically trying to evacuate and save animals as 355 new wildfires burn out of control. Credit: Dejan Radic When disaster strikes, we are there. Whether it’s funneling funds to our partners, sending animal experts, or equipping our teams on the ground with the tools they need, […]

Homeless cats and dogs need you right now.

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Tristan suffered immensely without deserving an iota of the cruelty he endured. We helped, but he is just one example of terribly abused dogs who need your help in the African nation of Zimbabwe. Critically injured and dumped on a rubbish dump to die, his future looked to be an agonizing death. Fractured bone was […]

Time to rally for the voiceless animals amidst the Hawaii flames!

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A blazing inferno has engulfed the famous island of Maui in Hawaii. As the flames tear through homes and destroy communities, innocent animals, both domesticated and wild, are desperately in need, struggling to survive. Credit: Facebook/Jenny Miller The haunting drone images showing burnt cars and rising smoke clouds are a testament to our own vulnerability […]

Can you imagine the hunger of 1,000 STARVING DOGS?

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Can you imagine the desperation in the eyes of countless malnourished and mistreated dogs, struggling to survive hunger and hardship in a dirt-poor rural area of South Africa? We have seen their suffering first-hand, and we have a plan to end it. We need your help RIGHT NOW. In the Valley of a Thousand Hills […]