Network for Animals is fighting for the very survival of wild elephants in Africa. They are being wiped out by rapacious poaching that is claiming the lives of 55 elephants every day.

Elephants are highly intelligent sentient beings who love their families, just as we love ours. Elephants are being wiped from the face of the earth and we need your help to save them.

We are up against the might of corrupt governments, the evil of ivory poaching, and the twisted egos of trophy hunters. We can’t do this alone; we desperately need your help.

A century ago there were somewhere around FIVE MILLION elephants in Africa. Sadly, there are less than half a million elephants left. One elephant dies every 26 minutes.

Elephant Poaching

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But, thanks to our supporters, we are finding ways to give elephants hope.

Let me tell you the story of Tembe and his vital mission. Tembe is a rarity, a male elephant with really big tusks. Elephants in South Africa’s Addo National Park don’t have big tusks, because of trophy hunting that occurred more than a century ago, the gene to make tusks was lost. Not having tusks is very bad for elephants, it’s like not having hands for humans – they use them for all sorts of tasks.

Tembe lived close to the South African border where poachers operate. So, we, with South African National Parks (SANparks), moved him a thousand miles (1,600 kilometres) south to Addo, where he will not be a target of poachers. He was also given a mission: go forth and multiply. If Tembe does his work, then soon Addo’s elephants will be back to normal, proud tusk-wearing giants. The good news is that, overnight, Tembe acquired four admirers.


Please help us take action and donate now!

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Helping Addo elephants to grow tusks again is just one example of our work. We finance anti-poaching patrols, provide vital equipment and work with the government organization SANparks to expand and protect wilderness areas so elephants and other animals can thrive.

Every day our team is asked to do more to help elephants before it is too late, and with your donation, we will. Without you and animal lovers like you, the battle becomes harder. The situation for elephants is really very bad. Please be generous and help elephants by donating today.

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria, Max and Flora

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Remember, one elephant is dying every 26 minutes. Help us do everything we can to save them. Please donate right now. Your donation will help us improve their plight. Elephants should be part of our children’s heritage, and they won’t be unless we act right now.

P.P.S. To learn more about why elephants need tusks click here, and to read more about the amazing relocation of Tembe and see a video click here.