For all the distressing news out there these days, we couldn’t wait even one moment more to bring you this amazingly good news. Please, help us continue to make happy endings for dogs so desperately in need!

THREE incredible animals who were literally SAVED FROM DEATH’S DOORSTEP by love like yours have been adopted… or soon will be!

From absolute agony and heartbreak to happy, forever homes, James, Jack and Lottie will never forget how NFA supporters rallied behind their rescue and recovery when it seemed like all the chips were down.

Supporters who deeply love and believe in animals, like you.

As you read their life-or-death comeback stories, PLEASE think about the animals like them, still suffering on the streets. ONLY with your continued support can we reach them!

Please, DONATE NOW. Help make more urgent rescues possible…

… Rescues like Lottie’s. The tiny puppy’s leg was slashed so violently with a machete, it broke the bone on impact!

ADOPTED! The gift you gave James, Jack, and Lottie! 1

When two monks spotted Lottie at a local temple in Thailand, she was dragging her broken and bleeding body around, fighting for life!  

They rushed her to the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary, our hardworking, grassroots local partner whose life-saving work would not be possible without your donations to NFA. After surgery, the director personally cared for Lottie at her home.

NFA supporters like you helped fund Lottie’s emergency leg amputation and recovery. After multiple adoption offers, we have been informed that Lottie will soon be at her forever home with a family in Kanchanaburi.

It warrants repeating that without NFA helping the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary (a brand-new state-of-the-art facility) so many animals like Lottie – with so much love to give! – would not have a prayer of surviving.

PLEASE, donate what you can to help us continue funding their work.
Your love will save lives!

Another precious pup you will be so glad to have saved is Jack. After he got cancer, his former family just discarded this sweet Labrador like he was garbage!

But Jack wasn’t garbage to friends like you. You saw his open sores and skin-and-bones body, and you ran towards him. To help, to heal, to hold.

ADOPTED! The gift you gave James, Jack, and Lottie! 2

You rescued Jack from desperation and betrayal in the Philippines.

THEN, you stayed and helped our local partners there to connect Jack with a wonderful family in Bulacan who will NEVER, ever let him go!

Your brave heart and your fighting spirit are still needed in places like Thailand and the Philippines… and ALL the places where your kind donations save animals others never reach.

Thank you for staying by our side!

For the animals,

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

ADOPTED! The gift you gave James, Jack, and Lottie! 3


ADOPTED! The gift you gave James, Jack, and Lottie! 4P.S. And, we could never forget James! As justice is still being sought in court for the horrors this beautiful boy endured, his cruelty case is extremely sensitive. So, we don’t yet have an “after” photo of James – only this sad “before” image. James was intentionally beaten blind! But please know: support like yours, as generous as possible, DOES right terrible wrongs like the kind James suffered. Know too, that because of support like yours, this loving friend is on the mend with a family who ADORES him. They are bringing James to live out his life in peace and joy at their farm in the Batangas region! PLEASE donate. YOU are the animals’ lifeline!