We have seen the best and worst of humanity during the Ukraine war

We have witnessed unbelievably brave people risking their lives every day to save abandoned animals – literally dodging bombings to rescue dogs and cats.

We have also seen ghastly atrocities – ordinary people shot and killed while walking with their dogs and the bodies of entire families gunned down, next to the dog transporters they were carrying.

There’s a moral divide in Ukraine - let’s show Putin where animal lovers stand! 1 Family shot in Irpin, only the father and one dog survived

We are animal people – it is not in our power to prosecute Putin for war crimes, but we can show him how decent people behave!

There’s an ethical divide in this war. On the one side, we have a morally bankrupt invader, and on the other, powerless victims.

Network for Animals supporters know exactly where we stand – we are on the side of innocent animals!

There’s a moral divide in Ukraine - let’s show Putin where animal lovers stand! 2 One of the dogs survived the family slaughter

Every time Network for Animals rescues an abandoned pet in one of our ambulances or creates a safe space for abandoned animals, we show Putin and his soldiers that there are millions of people around the world who do the right thing – who rescue animals rather than bomb them and provide innocent creatures with love rather than kill them.

There’s a moral divide in Ukraine - let’s show Putin where animal lovers stand! 3

If people think we are anti-Russian, we are not – if animals in Russia ever need us in a crisis, we will be there for them. And animal cruelty is everywhere. We told you about the Ukrainian shelter where nearly 500 dogs were left locked up when the owners fled. Surely, it would have been better to free the dogs than let them starve to death?

When we are kind to animals and save them from cruelty and suffering – we are showing the best sides of humanity. The work we do is an example of the good that people are capable of. When you make a donation and we put it to work, I like to think that we are striking a blow against evil – pushing back against the dark forces that seek only to destroy.

There’s a moral divide in Ukraine - let’s show Putin where animal lovers stand! 4

Animals are suffering so much hardship in Ukraine that at times, it seems they need us to be everywhere at once. For me, one of the greatest examples of pure love is the work of our partner Animal Guardians, an informal group of elderly and disabled people in one of the worst war zones. Each day, they wait for a lull in the fighting, pick up their walking sticks, and go to feed and rescue dogs and cats, knowing that at any moment, they could be bombed into fragments.

There’s a moral divide in Ukraine - let’s show Putin where animal lovers stand! 5

That is how decent people behave, Mr. Putin! And we hope your soldiers are listening too.

Thanks to your support, we have provided three ambulances, countless tons of food, medical supplies, building supplies and fuel for rescue vehicles to help save animals in Ukraine – and with your continued support, we will continue to provide more help every day.

Animal lovers are showing how morally decent people behave, and with your donations, we will keep at it until the animals are safe again. And when the war is over, we will still be there rebuilding and repairing the damage that has been done.

For the animals,

IMPORTANT UPDATE! As Russia’s brutal war rages on in Ukraine, dogs and cats are enduring horrors NO CREATURE SHOULD EXPERIENCE! 5






David Barritt
Executive Director
Network for Animals

P.S. Thank you SO much for your generous donations, and hopefully, your continued support, as we double down on our unwavering commitment to do all in our power to save animal lives!

Image credits: Banner/ Credit DW/DPA/picture alliance/ CTK/Vojtech Darvik Maca, Image 1: Andriy Dubchak/Donbass Frontliner, Image 2: APA, Image 4: Reuters_Stinger_middleeasteye.net, Image 5: The Animal Guardians