On Sunday 21st October, Network for Animals joined the Artful Badger Flash Mob in a creative demonstration of opposition to the badger cull.

From around midday, dancers and members of the public congregated on the pavement around Parliament Square bedecked in badger masks, black and white clothes and face paint.  Musicians and dancers led the flash mob in the Love the Badger Dance, a folllow-the-leader expressive dance replicating movements of badgers to the sound of drum beats, against the stunning backdrop of Big Ben.

Curious members of the public stopped to capture this curious visual protest on camera and ask questions about the cull…some even joined in the badger dance!

In the spirit of family friendly protest, the bopping badger gang danced up to Downing Street, stopping to bring a smile to the faces of police officers, before badgering the Horse Guards and finally ending up at Trafalgar Square, where they drew a huge crowd to watch and participate in the dance. Although the spirit of the protest was a positive celebration of badgers, the event was timed to raise awareness of the impending cull of badgers ahead of a key parliamentary debate on this issue taking place on Thursday.


The group behind the event is a live arts and entertainment company using exciting experimental concepts involving dance and music to entertain crowds.  Although more at home on the festival and club circuit, the group adapted their concept to send a positive political message in a challenging urban environment.

The Artful Badger Flash Mob made a huge splash with the media and was widely shared on social media within hours of concluding.  The fresh and inclusive method of protest orchestrated by the Artful Badger contributed significantly to putting badgers on the national and international current affairs agenda in this critical week for these beloved animals.


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