Today at 2:30pm, London will see a cross party parliamentary debate assessing the second year of badger culling in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The previous Westminster debate on 13th March saw an overwhelming 219:1 vote against further culling, yet for six weeks this autumn gunmen aimed to kill up to 1800 badgers across the same two counties.

On 21st October, Network for Animals launched our own badger poll. The poll, taken by 833 people gave the following results:

1. Do you believe the pilot badger cull should continue in 2015?
No 99% / Yes 1%

2. Will your vote in the 2015 general election be affected by the badger cull?
Yes 96% / No 4%

3. Do you believe badgers should be humanely vaccinated against TB, instead of being killed?
Yes 98% / No 2%

It is Network for Animals sincere hope that the current UK Government’s disastrous pilot badger cull policy will today be brought to it’s end, and vaccination and cattle control be embraced as the humane, logical, and cost effective route forwards in the fight against TB in cattle.