Our founder Brian Davies first saw seals slaughtered in the 1960s. As a quiet man from a Welsh mining village, he may have seemed unlikely to battle governments across the world, be thrown in jail for his compassion, and found three major animal welfare organizations. But in a five decade fight for seals, that is exactly what was demanded.

Fifty years on, Brian continues the fight and asks for your help to end the seal cull, by pledging to personally boycott Canadian fish products, and urging your political representatives to bring the boycott into law. We demand this boycott of fish products because the Canadian government’s department of Fisheries and Oceans argue that killing seals is of benefit to commercial Canadian fishing industries… Well not if people stop buying fish in protest.

The world has shown its dismay at Canada’s actions for decades: In 1972 seal products were banned from the US, in 2006 Mexico, in 2007 Belgium and the Netherlands, then expanded from 2009 across the EU. Next in 2011, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan banned the import of harp seal skins. The world looks at Canada’s actions in dismay, yet the killing continues, and is funded by Canadian government subsidies totalling millions of dollars.

Canada exported 3.1 billion dollars worth of fish to the US in 2014. The threat of losing this vital market, could finally tip the balance and stop the Canadian government subsidizing this outdated, unnecessary and brutal industry. Take the pledge today, then contact your political representative. Together we will end the Commercial Canadian Seal Cull once and for all.