Organised horse fighting is a brutal, aggressive and outrageously popular form of ‘entertainment’ in the southern Philippine islands of Mindano. In each fight, two stallions are forced to kick, bite and maul each other until one submits, flees, or dies, whilst paraded around the centre of the ring, tied with a rope around her neck is the ‘victors’ prize: The mare. This poor female horse is mounted by each winning stallion, which horrifically can mean being gang-raped more than 30 times during a three-day fiesta.

Following our recent success, which has led to the end of Organized Horse Fighting in the province of Bukidnon, Philippines, Network for Animals are asking animal lovers around the world to take part in a new action to protect horses.

Our latest petition reaches out to Philippine president Benigno Aquino III, asking him to thank the Governor of Bukidnon for his actions, and to send a message to all governors where Organized Horse Fighting illegally takes place. As with all Network for Animals petitions, we will follow up the petition with diplomatic pressure for action.