Claudius is a gentle stray dog who lived on the streets of Atlantis in South Africa. Life was hard for Claudius, but it got horrifically worse at the hands of a gang of evil thugs. These vile people used him to test the viciousness of their fighting dogs. They threw him into a ring to be torn to pieces, then left his dying body on a railroad track to meet its end.

Every day in South Africa, there are scores of dogs like Claudius that need your help. They are beaten, abused, and all too often, tortured. Your donation today will help fight a vicious cycle of excruciatingly painful deaths.

Thanks to wonderful people like you, our partner Fallen Angels found Claudius just in time to save his innocent life. Without our vital collaboration with Fallen Angels, Claudius wouldn’t have received the emergency veterinary care that saved him. He wouldn’t be here today.

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Supporters like you have helped me provide Fallen Angels with a vehicle to comb the dirty streets of dangerous shantytowns to find and rescue sick and abused dogs. When dogs are found, they are taken to a safe-haven, nursed back to health, spayed and neutered, and whenever possible, rehomed.

There are 250 dogs at Fallen Angels and I am determined to help each-and-every-one of them. Through your support we will build new enclosures, stamp out dog fighting, and encourage people to treat dogs with love and affection.

Please, if you love dogs, and I know you do, please give as generously as you can today.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

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P.S. There is a picture of Claudius’s wound that is so awful I could not include it in this page. And on almost every street corner in South Africa’s slums are other dogs with stories just like this.