Are you vehemently against the badger cull and wondering what more you can do to help fight against it, other than signing our petition, or donating?

NFA is heading to Devon to help out with sett-surveying on Saturday, 20th August. There is a huge area to cover, and the group there really need more support. Why not join us? It’s a great chance to actively help our badgers, meet new people and get some fresh air and exercise in the beautiful Devon countryside.

If Cornwall is closer to you, or you would just prefer to take a trip there, then you can join NFA there the week beginning 22nd August. Our friends in the Cornwall Badger Group are crying out for help on the ground, too.

The culling could begin in a matter of weeks, and it’s imperative that we know where all active badger setts are, so that we can protect them from shooters.

As we say every year, please don’t just leave it to other people. If you are against the cull, and able to join us, then please do!

To find out more information, email or contact the Badger Action Network who have details about how you can help in all nine potential cull zones.