As you read this sentence, defenceless dogs in the Philippines are being stolen from their owners. Strays are being rounded up. Unwanted pets are being purchased. Who is doing this? Dog meat traders. Their aim? To sell as many dogs to slaughter houses as possible, so their meat can be sold in restaurants. The consumers are mainly men, who believe eating dog meat makes them appear “macho”.

What happens to these poor animals once captured is truly horrific but it is a story that must be told, and one which no animal lover can turn away from.

Upon acquisition, the dog’s muzzle is immediately bound with nylon string or has a tin can forced over it. On occasion their front legs are forced behind their backs and tied. The dogs are left in this condition, sometimes for days, in stifling heat, without food or water.

dogs with muzzles tied

Conditions during transport are so bad that on average 40-50 percent of the dogs die before they reach their destination. On occasion, mortality rates during transport rise as high as 90%. This is of no concern to the dog meat traders, as they receive payment whether the dogs are presented alive or dead.

dog tied to car

Network for Animals has a brave and dedicated team in the Philippines who work tirelessly, day in, day out to fight this cruel practice. In the last month alone, their undercover work has led to successful raids in several restaurants. What they discovered was shocking, as always. We know we need to do even more to end this barbaric practice, and we need your help.

Please make a difference today by signing our petition to the British Ambassador to the Philippines, and politely ask for his support.

dog bound mouth