Mango was found chained to the side of a house in an area notorious for supplying dogs to dog meat traders, so we rescued her.

Mango was found by our team tied to the side of a ramshackle house in San Pedro, a town to the south of Manila, Philippines, notorious for supplying dogs to dog meat traders. Once she was big enough, Mango would be destined for the illegal dog meat trade where she would undergo immeasurable suffering prior to having her throat cut. We could not leave this little puppy behind, so we bought her for $4.

Martin, a British photographer who was documenting the dog meat trade for NFA at the time, has agreed to fly her to the UK and to adopt her, but first she needs to be quarantined for four months and undergo rabies vaccinations and testing to meet the UK’s stringent import requirements for dogs. Mango has undergone a transformation since we rescued her and is now living with the aunt of one of our Philippines staff. She is growing leaps and bounds because she eats so much and gets on wonderfully with all the other dogs in the house. She is the picture of health and full of energy, so much so that its impossible to get a good photo of her, hence the close up of her tongue in the photo above.

There are of course considerable costs associated with getting Mango ready for her trip to the UK where she will start a new life with Martin. If you are able to make a gift to help cover Mango’s costs we would be extremely grateful.

Our campaign to eradicate the dog meat trade is going from strength to strength and the numbers of dogs being illegally slaughtered are dropping, but we need to place more pressure on the Philippines authorities to enforce the laws so that no dog has to endure what Mango would have had we not rescued her.