Hurricane Harvey with her 100 mile-an-hour-plus winds, is churning her way through the Gulf of Mexico, poised to wreak catastrophic havoc on a large swath of the American Gulf Coast…

Network for Animals is also poised… to provide assistance to dogs and cats who are often lost in the chaos of such catastrophes.

Our staff have been there before…

Alaska Valdez.  Mount Pinatubo.  Hurricane Andrew.  Midwest floods…

As you read these words, my team are reaching out to local animal groups on the ground to offer assistance.

We need your URGENT SUPPORT today to be as effective as possible.


Any amount you can donate, right now, will be greatly appreciated and help rescue dogs and cats and care for them until they can be reunited with their families.

Please, be as generous as you can – the dogs and cats really, really need you.

I promise to keep you informed.


Brian Davies,