Passionate. Experienced. Agile. Efficient. Effective.
Committed to Animals Worldwide.

Network for Animals is committed to ensuring that every cent of every donation has the maximum impact on improving the lives of animals in need.

But our commitment is also to you – our donors whose generosity makes everything we do possible.

Driven by the passion of our founder Brian Davies – who has achieved many of the hallmark victories in animal welfare during his 60 year career – supported by ever-vigilant cost-conscious expense management by a small and equally experienced and passionate staff, and given the basic economic reality that every dollar donated can be leveraged and stretched far in most of the developing world where we operate, we are able to warrant – without reservation – that your investment in our lifesaving and life changing work is as sound as can be realized anywhere in the animal welfare arena today.

We invite you to consider joining our Crusade for Animals Worldwide by considering membership in our Leadership Circle. To learn more about our campaigns and to confidentially explore opportunities to partner with us to help the animals please contact our Director of Leadership Gifts:

Paul Seigel