In early 2014, the Greek Island of Kefalonia was struck by a series of earthquakes reaching 6.1 on the Richter Scale. Basic infrastructure on the island was severely compromised, and the lives of the 300 dogs and 30 cats at Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK) were put in jeopardy.

As mentioned in our recent news article, each summer, tourists from all over Europe, particularly the UK visit the sanctuary and provide enough funding for operations for half of a normal year. With the end of the tourist season, the income drops sharply, and the sanctuary and animals are left looking for further assistance.

With this year’s earthquakes, the situation has been exacerbated. All funds over the last two months have been used to rebuild earthquake damage, generous labourers have been going without pay, and food debts have reached €6000.

Through generous worldwide support, today Network For Animals are incredibly pleased to be donating £6,450 ($10,790 / €7,870) to ARK, and to be beginning discussions to set ARK up with a long term independent fundraising plan of their own.


The scenes above follow news of the grant at ARK.

Our team member Lesley Barritt received the following message of sincere appreciation from long-term British volunteer Madeline Nineham:

“Marina Machado Kappatou (ARK’s founder) was over the moon when I passed on the good news – it was pure joy to see her so happy! The dog shown with her was found in Luxori during the earthquakes with a broken back. He had been unable to move and had been like it for a week. We were told by the Vet that he would never walk, but look at him now! He needs a home with no other dogs so as not to get knocked… The other shot is Marina with Nico, the wonder man who works so hard for just €20 a day. Marina had not been able to pay him or his partner for 12 days, but now she is able. How can we thank you enough?”

Our thanks in turn go onto all of our generous supporters: Without you this shelter would not have been able to keep it’s doors open.

Please consider donating today towards all Network For Animals projects.