Our video of dogs on death row in Cuba is hard to watch, but please don’t flinch. It’s horrible and sad but you need to know what’s going on and know too that there is hope, because Network for Animals is on the ground fighting for the animals.

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In Havana, the government capture stray dogs, fling them into trucks and take them to an extermination camp where they are poisoned with strychnine, one of the most vicious poisons known to man. The dogs die in agony. Muscle spasms spread to every muscle in the body. Death takes twenty minutes.

Cuban dog

In Cuba there is no legal action that can be taken to stop this because there are no animal welfare laws.  Hundreds of dogs die each year, doomed to die in dreadful pain.

Brave Cubans are fighting for the animals. Network works with the Cuban Aniplant organization. Aniplant rescues stray dogs in Havana before the government finds them and provides sanctuary for the dogs in safe houses. There they live until they can be adopted.

Volunteer vet in Havana

Cuban vets are heroes too. In Cuba, vets are only allowed to work for the government, but after work they volunteer to help the street dogs. These good people have nothing; no money, no equipment, no supplies, but they work miracles.  One vet showed us his entire medical kit, a few old forceps and scalpels and a plastic bag of medicine, donated by caring people for the love of dogs. His operating platform is a battered tin table.

Network for Animals has vowed to help. Every donation will make a difference when gauze and bandages are items of joy to the volunteers. They dream of antibiotics, anesthetics and surgical equipment, things that are almost impossible for them to buy.

Milagro before being rescued

Please help us to help them by making a generous donation that will allow us to send medicine to Cuba and beg the Cuban government to end the mass poisoning of dogs, who only seek to be loved and to be at the side of humans.

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