Network for Animals have rescued fourteen dogs from an illegal backstreet Philippines slaughterhouse. Conditions inside the slaughterhouse were utterly despicable, where four tiny cages, one just a two foot cube, trapped the fourteen dogs in unbearable heat, almost unable to move.


As our raid team struggled with temperatures hitting 104 degrees fahrenheit, it was a miracle that they quickly spotted a dog with her snout tied shut. Bubbles were forming in her saliva, and she was desperately struggling for breath when we cut her free – her suffocation was perhaps minutes away. Without our intervention, she and the other thirteen dogs would have been dead within days, their remains destined to be sold as an illegal Filipino delicacy.

Our raid occurred last Friday 22nd May, south of Manila, following weeks of NFA detective work. We enlisted the support of seven armed policemen from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and eleven of the dogs have been taken for vaccination, rehabilitation and adoption with our partners in the Philippine SPCA. The remaining three are with Network For Animals staff, already on their way to a loving new home.


Locating and raiding illegal dog meat traders is time-consuming, perilous work. Please, please donate generously today: help us do everything possible for dogs.