This is a time of year when we count our blessings, and remember all that is good in our lives. Today, Network for Animals is thankful for the generosity and dedication of our loyal supporters. Thanks to you, we have been able to crusade against animal cruelty worldwide for another year. Together, we have fought  for the lives of thousands of animals across the globe.

Without our fight over the years, the lives of thousands of dogs would have ended very differently. Many would have ended up on the Christmas table, murdered in the most hideous conditions imaginable. Our brave team in the Philippines has fought tirelessly to stop this from happening.  Other dogs would have starved to death due to economic crisis in the countries where they once had loving homes. We have provided food for these poor animals, and given them attention and affection they were sorely lacking.  In Vrygrond, South Africa, so many dogs would have died needlessly from diseases which were easily treated by a vet. We made sure that veterinary care was available and will remain available.

All of this was thanks to your support. We hope you feel as proud as we do!