As we’re sure you know, we are now halfway through one of England’s most despicable and shameful acts of animal abuse: the badger cull.

Given the weight of science against cull, it is utterly unjustifiable. Yet the government has set their sights, and if maximum targets are to be reached, 14,213 of our badgers will die. This killing is vile and must be stopped.

Earlier this year, our organisation financed the launch of the Badger Action Network. This volunteer led project is taking direct action against the cull, using knowledge and experience gained over three years of fighting for badgers. Today, we ask you to contact the Badger Action Network, and offer your support in one of the following counties:

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire or Dorset.

Our team have travelled hundreds of miles to sett-survey and join Wounded Badger Patrols. We’ve seen people from different countries travel to take part, and disabled people monitor traffic all night from their car, just to stand up for badgers. Please do offer your support.

If you are unable to attend, please consider taking two personal actions:

1. Make a generous donation to assist our fight.
2. Petition DEFRA leader Andrea Leadsom, and ask her to stop the killing.


Together – and only together – we have the power to end this badger cull.