NFA’s generous supporters recently paid for a custom made cage for A Wild Life With Animals (AWLWA), which was used to return rehabilitated foxes to the wild. We recently caught up with AWLWA founder Scott Passmore, to learn about more animals which the team have been helping.

Dexter the Duckling 

Dexter, the adorable duckling pictured above, was found walking in a road all alone, with no sign of his family nearby. Dexter would never have survived out in the cold by himself, at an age when heat is so vital. Thankfully, volunteers soon arrived to take him to safety,and hand-rear him at the centre until he was old enough and strong enough to return to the wild.

The Krankies

The Krankies[4]

These two hedgehogs, named ‘The Krankies’ by volunteers, were found stuck in garden netting. AWLWA answered the call from a concerned member of the public, and arrived as soon as they could to get the vulnerable and underweight pair untangled. They were then taken to the centre for some urgent TLC! They arrived weighing 180g and left a few months later at 700g. They will now spend the winter hibernating in a safe and warm hutch before being released in the Spring of 2016.

TinTin the Bookshop Squirrel

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 19.46.39

This little squirrel found his way into a rare bookshop near the AWLWA  centre.  Scott and his team learned about the situation and got there just in time, as TinTin was becoming distressed.  They gently coaxed him out from underneath shelving and made sure he was unharmed. After a brief check-up, TinTin was released back into the wild with his friends.