Hurricane Irma has left a trail of injured, abandoned and frightened animals from Cuba to Tampa, I need your support to help them. That is the simple truth.

Dogs and cats are terrified, alone, wet and hungry
almost everywhere the hurricane hit.

I have to help. Hurricane Irma left catastrophe in her wake. I am desperately worried about our team in Cuba, because we can’t contact them. I know they were fighting chest-high storm water to rescue street dogs and cats in Havana. That’s the last I heard before the power went out and the phones went down.

I don’t know where they are, or how they are, but I do know that if they are alive, they will be rescuing animals and taking them to safe places.

I can’t contact my team in Florida either and so I can’t tell you exactly how badly animals are suffering there, but I know they will be shaking with fear and looking for humans to help. With your help I will be there for them, no matter how bad the situation.

Network for Animals was the first to respond when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, we raised $60 000.00 and sent every cent to help animals there.

Now, we have to do it again in Cuba and Florida because of Hurricane Irma. These are tough times for the animals, we can’t let them down. Please give whatever you can so we can be the rescuers these poor animals so desperately need.

For the animals


P.S. Sucel Jurado is one of the bravest women I know, she spends her life fighting for animals in Havana. Please hold her in your thoughts until we find them.