Donations to Network for Animals supported these pups in the wake of the Typhoon Haiyan disaster. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our Spring 2014 Matched Fundraising Appeal, to build a $29,000 fund for future disaster relief.

Whether you’re a donor, an online activist, or in many cases, both, you naturally want to see your efforts and resources achieve great things for animals. This is exactly what NFA strives to do on a daily basis, and we couldn’t do it without caring people like you. Your support inspires us to do our best, often under very trying circumstances. Here are just a few examples of what your support has achieved in recent months:

  • Put a new team on the streets to fight the brutal Philippine dog meat trade.
  • Funded park rangers battling bloodthirsty elephant and rhino poachers in South Africa.
  • Begun exploring new avenues to free poor Mali the Elephant from Manila Zoo.
  • Donated to desperate badger projects affected by flooding in Cornwall and Sussex.
  • Supported hundreds of frightened animals with our Typhoon Haiyan rescue team.

It was with these final two points in mind that we approached a small group of our generous supporters with a simple request. Would they match the donations of the rest of our donors up to $14, 000 to build a disaster relief fund? They said yes.

So today we are blessed with their pledge. And any donations you and our network of animal lovers make, to the total value of $14,000 will be doubled, enabling us to build a disaster relief fund of $29,000. Can you imagine what $29,000 can provide in a disaster situation?

  • Food for dogs left roaming the streets after natural disasters.
  • Veterinary care and clean water for sick and injured animals roaming the streets.
  • Transport to reach wildlife affected by floods or earthquake.

Thank you for reading, and please pledge a donation today.