Our March 11th raid on an illegal dog slaughterhouse revealed many horrors, but also resulted in the rescue of four dogs, one of whom was Brownie, photographed here with her new adopter. Quite simply, if we hadn’t performed the raid, she wouldn’t still be alive today.

Today Brownie is thriving, and the three further rescued pups are doing brilliantly in their new homes too. The group join more than 3,000 dogs who Network For Animals have seized from dog meat traders since 1998, and the two arrested traders join 118 people NFA have taken to court. If convicted they will face a minimum of 1 year behind bars and potentially much longer.

Please pledge a donation today to help make further Network For Animals raids, rescues and convictions a reality:

$14 can provide collars, leads, water and food for a rescued dog.
$36 can pay for a police escort during a seizure of slaughter bound dogs.
$73 can the cost of surveillance for two days in the lead up to a raid.
$146 can help treat, feed, neuter and rehome a dog.

Thank you for your support.