There is a simple reason the puppy we rescued in the gangster-ridden South African slum called Khayelitsha is named Biscotti.

Vicious brutes threw boiling water over poor little Biscotti scalding her so horribly that parts of her skin were burnt like a biscotti biscuit.



Biscotti and her two siblings were just six weeks old when some monster decided to kill the puppies.

Biscotti’s mother looked on from behind a wire fence as her puppies were tortured.

More boiling water was being readied; the monsters were going to scald all the puppies to death. A good Samaritan called Fallen Angels and our team got there in the nick of time.

We rescued Biscotti and her two siblings, and they are all doing well. The tragedy is there are so many other dogs that need our help in South Africa’s slums.

There are literally thousands of criminally abused dogs in Khayelitsha and they need our help every single day.

Dogs in Khayelitsha are at constant peril of casual, brutal cruelty. Brian Davies with a rescued puppy at Fallen Angels in South Africa.


The level of ignorance about animals in these slums is hard to comprehend. We were told that dogs don’t feel pain, that dogs don’t need to eat every day and it’s okay to keep them tied up without shade in fierce heat. We try to teach the people how to care for animals.

We rescue, medically treat and care for as many street dogs as we can.

Right now more than 700 dogs in the Cape Town area depend upon the support you and other animal lovers give me.

BiscottiIt’s dangerous work because we face gangsters who kidnap dogs to use as bait in illegal dog fighting – the dogs are literally torn to pieces so gamblers can see which fighting dogs are most vicious. They say that if we continue our work they will kill my team, but that won’t stop us. We will carry on in spite of the threats because that is what we animal lovers must do.

I’ve told you how we saved Biscotti but there are thousands of other dogs that have no hope without us. I can only continue my work if animal lovers like you make generous donations. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of our lifesaving work.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Please if you possibly can donate today and help me work towards the day when animal lives are safe, no matter where they live.