Thanksgiving is approaching fast and if you are like me, you will celebrate with your family dog.

But the only thing hundreds of thousands of dogs around the world will experience on Thanksgiving, is brutal, cruel, merciless abuse.


As I write this, somebody’s pet is being slaughtered for dinner, others are running for their lives from thugs stoning them for fun. Some are being torn to pieces in illegal dog fighting and so many are starving alone and friendless. Please help me make the world a better place for dogs on this Thanksgiving.

Spread a little love to dogs this Thanksgiving
Some dogs won’t get Thanksgiving dinner – they’ll BE dinner!

Watch our video and you will understand that we fight for street dogs 24 hours a day 365 days a year wherever they are in need. We fight monsters who treat dogs in ways so sickening, it makes my stomach churn.

My team and I fight evil wherever we find it.


We work with law enforcement, rescue, spay and neuter dogs, provide them with medical care and help to re-home those we can, those we can’t we support in no-kill shelters around the world.

I can only do this with your help. So, please if you possibly can make a donation today so that I can continue my work to help dogs in distress around the world.

With your support, hopefully, together we can make the world a better place for dogs by next Thanksgiving.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. As Thanksgiving approaches and you prepare to spend time with family and friends (and your dog) please remember those dogs that are suffering in the world. My team and I fight for them every day of the year. But we can only do so with your help.