On Feb 27th a mass of people gathered outside the International Convention Centre in Birmingham to protest against the badger cull. The building was hosting the annual NFU conference and coincided with the announcement made by Owen Paterson that the mindless cull of badgers is set to go ahead as planned in June 2013 despite widespread opposition from the scientific, rural and animal welfare communities.

Protesters used the NFU’s hashtag ”NFU13” to tweet their feelings about the slaughter from home as well as from the demo. The hashtag began trending worldwide as tweeters vented their rage about the unscientific, unncessary and violent plans.

Here are some of the tweets from NFA and others using the #NFU13 hashtag:

“Give them the jab, not the shot, the badger cull has got to stop” #NFU13 #badgercull

The #badgercull is not backed by science, it won’t help eradicate #bTB in cattle and could even make the problem worse. We say NO. #NFU13

#nfu13 surely this is the time for farmers to get the public on their side after horsemeat scandal rather than alienate them re #badgercull

@PhilLatham Also need to move on from the outdated idea that if there is an issue with wildlife the solution is to kill everything! #nfu13

#nfu13 – question: how helpful do you think your driving a very large wedge between the public and farmers actually is?

Hearing a lot of chants of ‘vaccinate don’t exterminate’ #nfu13 #badgercull

Although the atmosphere at the protest was powerful with people of all ages represented from all across the country, the day was tinged with disappointment as the Government announced their plans to forge ahead with the cull.

As resentment grows and the bloodshed draws nearer, we expect to see many similar protests happening around England.