Network for Animals (NFA) works around the world helping animals in far-flung locations often where often other organizations don’t go. Along the way we meet countless dedicated people who, for little or no reward have dedicated their lives to animals. It is that same spirit that motivated our founder Brian Davies all his life. For more than 50 years Brian has crusaded for animals in the face of difficulties and hostilities from people who care nothing for the life of an animal be it a dog, seal or rhinoceros.

Undaunted and relentless, Brian has achieved wonderful things for animals. In that spirit Network for Animals has announced the Brian Davies Award, an annual accolade for one group whose outstanding work succeeds in helping animals against overwhelming obstacles. Each year, one group will receive a $10,000.00 grant to assist and salute their work over and above the grants that NFA already gives them.


Runners up will each receive $2,500.00 as an acknowledgment of their wonderful efforts.

In 2018, we have short-listed three organisations whose work is so courageous that each one deserves the thanks of animals and the acknowledgment of their extraordinary achievements.

This year the nominees are:

Fallen Angels, South Africa

Fallen AngelsThis small organisation run by a handful of volunteers ventures into gang-ridden shantytowns to rescue and care for street dogs. The volunteers face the threat of violence each time they venture into the gang-controlled areas. They face constant financial hardship and the stress of the ever-present fear of being shot. But nothing stops them helping animals.

Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos, Greece

Ghost DogsGhost Dogs single-handedly take care of hundreds of street dogs in a rundown area near Athens where the financial crisis in the country has caused people to dump their pets because they can no longer feed them. Every week they venture they feed, treat and rescue street dogs and venture into dangerous gypsy camps to educate hostile people about animal care.

APA El Refugio, Uruguay

El RefrugioIn a country where animal welfare is in its infancy, APA El Refugio runs a private animal shelter where no old or crippled dog is ever turned away. The dedicated volunteers toil ceaselessly to give old, very special dogs a chance of happiness.

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Review the videos on our website and let us know which one of these three fine organisations is worthy of receiving the first Brian Davies Award. Your votes will be taken into consideration when our executive team makes the final decision.


We will be announcing the results soon!

Brian Davies Award