NFA has launched a new MP letter writing campaign asking supporters to contact their MP about a New Year’s Resolution: No badger cull in 2013.

The political battle over plans for a misguided badger cull dominated environment policy in 2012 and cast a shadow over the Government’s position on animal welfare.  In autumn the cull was postponed and Parliament voted resoundingly against the plans to slaughter thousands of badgers in an attempt to eradicate TB in cattle, highlighting the extensive science which claims a cull will be ineffective and could even make the problem worse.

Despite the delay and overwhelming opposition from the political, scientific and animal welfare community, the Government remain committed to pressing ahead with the slaughter of thousands of English badgers in 2013.

The new year is a time for reflection, new ideas and a fresh perspective.  An inquiry by a Government Committee is commencing in January to look at vaccination as an alternative to culling badgers.  We think that vaccinating badgers in the short term and cattle in the long term, in addition to improving cattle welfare and tightening biosecurity on farms, is a much more effective way of dealing with bovine TB.

We want to make sure these alternatives become policy and that the badger cull remains high on the political agenda in 2013. Please contact your MP and remind them of the importance of stopping the slaughter and share this campaign with friends and family so that we can replicate the people power of 2012.

Make a New Year’s Resolution: ensure badgers are safe once and for all.