Yesterday, 8th October 2015, Network for Animals reached the culmination of two months of planning, launching raids on five Philippine restaurants. What we discovered was truly shocking.

We have battled the human consumption of dogs in the Philippines for more than a decade, regularly discovering abducted pets, stuffed into tiny cages in extreme heat and humidity. With no food or water, asphyxiation is inevitable for many, and those few who make it through the caging are butchered in the most prehistoric and terrifying manner.

Our raid yesterday was instigated following months of our own undercover work, and extensive planning with the Philippine National Meat Inspection Service, the Philippine Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and the Baguio City Veterinary Office.

All five restaurants we entered were illegally storing and serving dog, one with stocks in such high quantities that we needed to confiscate a whole freezer. In total, 151 kilograms of dog meat were seized, the equivalent of roughly 21-22 innocent dogs.


Our raid was broadcast locally on ABS-CBN news, a vital part of our mission to generate publicity against the dog meat trade, and make clear that we intend to perform more of these raids in the coming months. Despite being totally illegal, dog meat is still considered a ‘macho’ delicacy, and some individuals are willing to pay a high price for it.

As supply and consumption typically rise during ‘celebrations’ around the winter period, it is vital that Network for Animals are able to take action. Please consider making a donation today, to support our vital work for dogs.