In Freedom Park in Cape Town, South Africa on a recent rescue mission we were warned by police to leave because our lives were in danger from gangsters.

Freedom Park is a crime-ridden slum where gang-related, drive-by killings are commonplace and we’ve been shot at before. But the hundreds of dogs there are in such desperate need that we thanked the police and got on with our work.

Not even risking our lives will deter us from helping these poor dogs who are sick, hungry and routinely abused.

Fallen Angels

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Starving, sick and abused animals lined the streets as we cautiously drove in search of a semi-safe area from which to base our rescue operation. As we drove, we were besieged by people asking for dog food and care for pets.

They brought scrawny puppies, led old, sick dogs to us for help and pleaded with us to give them dog food.

We found a starving pit bull called Passion. She was living in the mud, cold and wet, with open sores on her body. Passion was so scared she urinated in fear when we approached. We could not leave her so we persuaded her owner to let us take her. She will join hundreds of others at the Fallen Angels shelter, where she will be loved and nursed back to health.

There are so many dogs in distress in South Africa that we are constantly overwhelmed. We need your support to help these dogs.

There is a deep underlining problem that desperately needs attention in Mitchells Plain and my NFA team is committed to providing it.

Education is the key to crushing the abuse of animals.

Fallen Angels

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We want to start a vitally important education programme to help people understand that just like you and me dogs feel fear and pain – and that man has no right to cause them to suffer just because he has the capacity to do so.

Please, can I count on your generosity today, so we can continue to come to the aid of as many of these innocent dogs as possible?

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria and Max

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. If you share your home with a dog you will find it unremarkable that despite the horrific abuse and neglect dogs like Passion experience they remain loyal and kind. Every day, my team sees in their eyes their pleas for your and my help. Please, donate what you can today so we can continue to provide food and veterinary care for the dogs of Mitchells Plain – and start a vital education programme. You can have confidence we will put your gift to work right away.