Please read this URGENT UPDATE!

A few months ago, I wrote to you about our dramatic and dangerous raid on dog meat traders in the Batangas province of the Philippines.

Accompanied by local police and deep within an overgrown lot, my team found a filthy metal holding cage inside a sunken concrete pit.


Imagine our distress to find eight pairs of terrified eyes, blinking back up at us from that death pit. Without your help these dogs would have been butchered for the dinner table!

Then, last week I wrote to tell you about Nancy, one of the dogs you helped us rescue that day. She has survived so much already. Now she could succumb to cancer.

Please will you donate today to help cover the chemotherapy that will give little Nancy her happy ending at long last?

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I explained that this precious pup has a vaginal tumor that one of our partner veterinarians was able to remove. It’s only a temporary solution, because the kind of cancer she has will return along with the pain and discomfort unless Nancy undergoes a course of chemotherapy.

I told you we were quickly trying to source a cost-effective way to get the medicines needed and a place where she can have the chemotherapy that will keep the tumors from returning.

I am thrilled to report that we have now accomplished this! But we are short of the funds needed for Nancy’s lifesaving treatment.


Make a Donation:


You know how hard I fight for every animal in need. Nancy is so close to our hearts because she was so fragile after we saved her from that evil, stinking death pit.

Can you give a little today to help give Nancy the cancer treatment she needs? If you have already donated might I count on you to give just a little more?

Dogs who are abducted for the dog meat trade get no care, no kindness, no love. Only pain. For weeks after the death pit rescue, Nancy could scarcely eat. Her frail body shook with every cough.

I wish you had seen how she fought for life,
and thanks to you, we never gave up.


I just can’t let Nancy’s story end without one last fight to give her a happy ending. I just can’t let a highly curable cancer rob Nancy of her chance at a normal life with a forever family.

We have this one chance to save her!

Please help me raise the funds still desperately needed to help Nancy.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. We now have medicines needed and a place where Nancy can have the chemotherapy that will keep the tumors from returning. But we are still short of funding. Whatever you can send will help cover her chemotherapy and be such a blessing to what Nancy is going through. She deserves so much more than cancer and a death pit! Of course, if there are any extra funds we’ll put it to use saving and helping more dogs. Your generous support today will be lifesaving.