Recently, I told you about the APA El Refugio animal shelter in Uruguay. No old or sick dog is turned away from El Refugio – sweet old souls find love and safety away from the streets of Montevideo where they have no protection or shelter and cruel people kill them.

Animal shelters get no financial help from the Uruguayan government and the country has deplorably weak animal welfare laws that are poorly enforced. APA El Refugio is truly the only hope old and sick dogs have. I am helping with special food and care, but together you and I need to do so much more.

Without us dogs like Mucho will die.

El Refugio

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Street dogs have a tough life in Montevideo. Poor little Mucho lost the top of his muzzle, no one knows how, but it is certain he would be dead now were it not for the good people who run El Refugio. It’s difficult for him to eat and he is unlikely to ever know a home other than at the shelter.

Mucho needs special care and love for the rest of his life.

There are many special souls like Mucho who live at APA El Refugio, dogs like Pelusa whose back legs are crippled, but who’s spirit is unbroken. Dogs like Pedro who I told you when last I wrote, was left for dead in a dump, being eaten alive by maggots.

Thanks to the help of animal lovers like you, Pedro is almost fully recovered. And NFA is arranging for a harness and wheels for Pelusa so he can run and play.

These special dogs need special care, which with your help, I provide.

Put simply: these dogs need better food.


APA El Refugio gets no financial support from the authorities so the volunteers who run the shelter are relying on animal lovers like you and me. They scrimp and save to buy the cheapest dog food they can, which sadly, some of the dogs can’t tolerate, especially elderly, more delicate dogs.

These dogs must have better food and,
with your help I will give it to them.


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These dogs have no other hope. APA El Refugio is their home. Death lies waiting on the streets.

Many dogs are in their golden years and need expensive veterinary care. Many are the victims of terrible abuse.

Please donate generously now to Network for Animals. These dogs are such loving souls that we have to help them.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Many of the dogs at APA El Refugio had been abused, but the volunteers can do nothing because the laws preventing cruelty to animals in Uruguay are so weak. Our sister organization the Political Animal Lobby is working with Uruguayan congressmen to help change this.

Your kind donation today will help needy dogs get food and help work to ensure new laws that mean a better life for all Uruguayan animals.