Poor Bolso was a sickly puppy with crippled legs, so some heartless person dumped him in an old bag and threw him away. Poor Bolso was found weak and frightened hanging on the gate of Uruguay’s APA El Refugio, animal shelter near Montevideo.

I’ve written to you before about the amazing people of El Refugio who selflessly fight for street dogs. El Refugio gets no state funding. They are on their own in a society where animal laws are poor and badly enforced and most people don’t care. For our partners at El Refugio it’s a daily battle…

…but they won’t turn any old or sick dog away!


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Many of the 400 dogs are in their golden years, cared for round-the-clock by volunteers. El Refugio takes extra care of its elderly residents who need careful nursing and special food. It’s a lonely battle because money is short and the need so great.

They also fight cruelty every day, casual cruelty by people who should know better, starving dogs, beating dogs to a pulp – these are every day occurrences.

Cruelty is rife, the laws weak and the police hard to motivate.


Make a Donation:


El Refugio is always scratching to make ends meet, begging for bargain dog food, relying on a few good vets to help out for free. They do a fine job. I have promised to help these old and sickly dogs and rescue cases like Bolso, please help me by donating today.

With the help of people like you, Bolso is going to make it; he’s getting special medical care and his legs are recovering.

But each dog is special and to help poor, sweet, abandoned dog like Bolso get a chance of life, is the very essence of what we do with your help.

It is only because of your help and of people like you, that we can provide food and medical support to El Refugio. So please if you can donate generously today.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. There are so many special dogs at El Refugio. I have written to you before about Pelusa, a German shepherd whose real legs are crippled; we’re getting her fitted with a special trolley to help her become mobile. She’s yet another of the thousands of dogs we help around the world each year. So please, donate generously so that we can continue to give dogs hope.