I can’t tell you how disturbing it is to see someone crash into a dog or puppy with their car, then speed away without a thought for the broken and bloodied animal they’ve left behind.

This is the nightmare that happened to sweet McDog and that happens in the Philippines to thousands of stray dogs left to suffer and die by roadsides each year.

These beautiful dogs are tragic victims of hit and run crimes, with no one to turn to for comfort or relief. I need your help to ease their pain.

As a friend to Network for Animals, you know that my team and I have been fighting since 1998 to end the entrenched dog meat trade in the Philippines.

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But dogs in the dog meat trade are not the only ones suffering there, and I just couldn’t passively watch a stray or abandoned dog in so much pain and fear.

In the face of such anguish, I know you wouldn’t stand by either. That’s why I am asking you to give so we can help these dogs in distress.

McDog was lucky. A compassionate couple, who lived near where McDog’s heartless hit and run happened, saw him limping and scavenging for food.

At their own expense, they took him to the nearest vet. Their condominium, though, wouldn’t allow “large” dogs and they were frantic that McDog would be back on the streets and back in mortal danger. Can you imagine?!

Thankfully they had Network for Animals to depend on.

It’s because of friends like you that we are able to continue our lifesaving work in the Philippines. It simply wouldn’t be possible without you.


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The needs of abandoned and stray dogs there is so achingly urgent, even $25 from you moves mountains.

Whether it’s medical supplies or placing another McDog in a forever home or fighting to stop cruel crimes against dogs, I need your help now to continue.

I shudder to think what will happen to the next McDog if we can’t be there. Please give as generously as you can today.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. One of our incredible volunteers has stepped up to give McDog a forever home! Isn’t that amazing news? Your donation today will help us reach many more animals who are hurting. Please stand with us for street dogs in the Philippines. Thank you so much.