New and horrifying images have emerged as further evidence that in South Africa donkeys are being wiped out to supply insatiable demand in China for donkey skins used in the preparation of phony medicines.

To add an additional layer of sickening cruelty…
the donkeys are often SKINNED ALIVE!


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It’s cheaper for the unscrupulous gangs involved in donkey genocide to hire thugs to kill them in the wilderness than pay for them to be humanely slaughtered.

Donkeys are herded to an isolated spot, clubbed but often not killed..,
and then the skin is flayed from their flesh.


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How could any human being do such a thing? The men who do this are often drunk and care nothing for the lives of animals or humans and nothing for the pain the donkeys must feel as the skin is stripped from their bodies.

Such slaughter is, of course, illegal, but the South African police do nothing because they are over-stretched, under-resourced and disinterested. The only practical solution is for the South African government to ban the export of donkey skins, but there is no sign of that happening, although we promise to try and change that.

China demands a massive 10 million donkey skins every year. Yet there are only 44 million donkeys in the world. This means that within the next four years, donkeys could be extinct. The Chinese don’t care.

This savage and terrible operation is run by organized Chinese syndicates which show no mercy for animals or people that get in their way.

One man is fighting this horror. At an auction, Jonno Sherwin out-bid Chinese killers and saved 236 donkeys and 30 horses from cruel slaughterhouses. His selfless intervention resulted in him founding the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, now Africa’s largest donkey haven.

But he’s struggling to feed and care for animals.

BREAKING NEWS: Two days ago, thanks to your help we were able to send $10,000 to help feed the donkeys. Now we are seeking to do more, by sourcing food at a cheaper price AND we working on a plan to grow food for the sanctuary as a long-term solution. AND we have already made important progress and tracked down the mastermind behind the export of donkey skins to China.

Donkey genocide

We just must to do everything we can to help…
…because without our help these donkeys face certain horrible and painful deaths.

I am 100% committed to fight to save these poor creatures, but I can only do so with your help. Please, if your care about donkeys, stand with me and donate generously now so that we can fight donkey genocide.

We are helping Jonno in his mission to save these poor animals and we will fight for the government to step in and end this horror. We have a good chance at winning this fight, if we work together.

Please, stand with us and help today.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Right now, global genocide of donkeys is taking place. It is literally wiping donkeys from the face of the earth. We must stop this so please make a donation today, so I can fight this outrageous disgrace – and WIN!