They call it the Rose City but for animals there is no flower on the rose.

It’s nothing but thorns, pure hell on earth.

Petra, Jordan, is a historic city and famous archaeological site. It’s nickname stems from the beautiful temples, some dating to 300 B.C., carved into its rose/pink sandstone cliffs).

For animals in Petra there is nothing beautiful. Life is ugly.

A terrible situation continues to unfold. As you read these words as many as 1,500 donkeys, horses and camels are suffering horrible daily abuse in Jordan. Many of these poor animals have been ill for months but receive no medical treatment. These animals desperately need your help today.

The poor creatures are whipped, beaten and forced to transport heavy loads on their backs, including tourists and goods – and they’re made to do it in the sweltering desert heat.

They have no shade.

Many are starving.


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They do not have ready access to water and often toil for many hours before being provided a drink.

They are constantly beaten by their owners to make them slog up and down steep eroded steps to a famous monastery. The route is 8 kilometres (5 miles) long. They are forced to make the journey over and over again.

Our team witnessed exhausted donkeys, horses and camels limping and struggling to carry tourists up and down the hot desert trail – while the owners mercilessly beat and whipped them.

We witnessed donkeys being pounded with thick wires, wicked sticks and bottles. One camel had a gaping, oozing wound on his neck, was obviously in pain and struggling to survive, but it was still being worked!

Some of the Bedouins who live in Petra clearly see animals as exploitable, expendable – mere tools for profit – and not living, feeling creatures.


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We want to improve the conditions for these poor donkeys, horses and camels and we have a plan. We are committed to working with local decision makers to enforce stricter regulations, ensure immediate access to medical treatment for sick animals and mandatory frequent stops for water.

Please, will you be as generous as you can today? With your help we will rectify this tragic situation, just as we have so many times before in other remote areas of the world where animals suffer unspeakable abuse.

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria and Max

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Donkeys, horses and camels in Petra are living a nightmare, suffering and barely surviving until they collapse and die. We must change this, we must stop this abuse! Please, please can we count on you to help NFA help these poor animals today?