High in the mountains of Montenegro on a dirt road so bad that it’s mostly impassable in winter lies the Nikšić animal shelter where 85 street dogs live.

When Network for Animals discovered the shelter, the local mayor had given an instruction that when the cages were full all the dogs should be executed.

The only “medicine” at the dog ‘shelter’ was a drug to kill the poor creatures.

Nikšić animal shelter

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Network for Animals stepped in immediately!

We told the mayor that if he made the shelter no-kill we would help look after the dogs. And today, with your support, we do.

We provided tanks so that when trucks couldn’t get through in winter the dogs still had water.

We provided solid, insulated kennels and we paid for fencing, so the dogs have space to run.

85 dogs are alive because of you!


Make a Donation:


Together you and I are giving the dogs of Nikšić a chance of life when the only thing that waited for them before was an executioner’s killing needle.

But there is so much more to do. Please, will you continue to help by donating what you can today?

If a dog is sick or injured, the workers have no way to treat it. The shelter is far from the city centre and the road is very bad with no crash barriers and steep drops into the valleys below. It can take hours or, in winter, even days before help arrives.

Montenegro is a poor country, still recovering from a devastating war. The local authority started building a clinic at the shelter but ran out of money. The dogs need our help. I have promised to help finish the clinic and provide drugs and equipment to treat the 85 dogs who live there. But I need to be able to count on your support.

The work we are doing together is vital, not only are we saving street dogs in Nikšić but showing other municipalities how to treat dogs properly.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Please, help me carry on our work in Nikšić. Every one of the 85 dogs we care for, would thank you if they could.