Animal rescuers are facing hidden dangers and historic flooding yet as Florence, now the wettest storm on record in the US Carolinas, dumps a final torrent of rainfall before it creeps away.

North Carolina’s governor has warned of the worst flooding yet, water that now rushes towards South Carolina. Rivers are overflowing with terrifying predictability, leaving people and animals helpless.

At one residence, rescuers found wide-eyed, frantic dogs LEFT BEHIND AND LOCKED IN OUTDOOR CRATES while flood water poured in. They couldn’t escape on their own. PLEASE continue to help!


Without your continued support for first responders, marooned animals could be left to sink, swim, or drown. Please, please make one last generous donation to help them now. We need you!

Support like yours to Network for Animals is putting funds where the needs are greatest. Thank you so much for everything. But we can’t stop while animals are in danger.

100% of your gift today will go directly to Charleston Animal Society (CAS), designated in South Carolina’s Emergency Operations Plan as an official “ESF-17 support agency” for animals. And CAS is getting the job done!

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In addition to rescue, shelter, and reunification, CAS is channeling funds to other organizations at the sharp end of the disaster to keep boots on the ground and boats in the flood waters.

Your donation plays a vital part in this massive operation to save animals. CAS is ensuring that your donations are getting to exactly where they are needed most urgently.

It’s felt like one thing after the next this week.

Florence, now driving poisonous snakes and fire ants to higher ground where weak animals are stranded. The rapidly spreading floodwaters.

AND a typhoon and landslide in the Philippines!

You will be so proud to know that even as you and NFA help animals in the Carolinas our team in the Philippines is ALREADY transporting rice and sardines to animals in need due to the typhoon – and STILL working around the clock to bring dog meat traders to justice! Resources are stretched thin. But our staff in the Philippines and volunteers are pulling together to reach the animals.

Meanwhile, the extraordinary flooding aftermath of Hurricane Florence is threatening animals and people across the Carolinas. We just must to continue to help.


Make a Donation:


PLEASE could you donate any amount now to help ensure that our friends at the Charleston Animal Society can continue their lifesaving work?

We know it’s felt like one thing after another. We know you don’t have to give. We ask only for the animals struggling to survive the Carolina floods and for the brave heroes now battling to save them.

Please be as generous as you possibly can. Thank you so much.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Remember: 100% of your donation today will directly help the Charleston Animal Society, which even before the storm arrived had evacuated so many dogs, cats, and even a pig. They need all the help we can give. Please donate now. Thank you!