On a windswept mountainside a dog crawled into an abandoned building and lay down to die. His emaciated body was so riddled with disease that his skin was cracked and covered with oozing sores.

He was hungry, tired, weak and frightened.

He had been abandoned in Aspropyrgos near Athens in Greece, a place where heartless people dump unwanted dogs. There’s no food on the mountainside and the only shelter he could find was an abandoned building with no water. Slowly, his life force ebbed.

He lay his head on his paws and waited to die.

Ghost Dogs Rock

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Then he heard voices. With a last effort he raised his trembling head in hope. It was us! Ghost Dogs, our rescue team in Greece had spotted him and saved him.

From no hope to salvation. That’s what we do.

Our team gave him food and water, won his trust and carried him to safety. He was rushed to a vet, where he received medical care and love. He also got a new name, Rock.

Rock and countless others owe their lives to you and people like you. With your help you make it possible to bring hope to dogs who would otherwise have none.

We bring hope to countless dogs in Greece and around the world.

Ghost Dogs Rock

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We have been there for the dogs of Greece throughout the financial crisis that left the country reeling and the people too poor to feed their pets.

Every week, come rain or shine, our team is out there taking food and medical care to dogs the world has forgotten. We work in places others don’t go. Sometimes it’s dirty and dangerous, sometimes our team sees cruelty so extreme they break down and cry. But, with your help, we will never abandon dogs in distress. I made a promise that we would be there for the hundreds of abandoned dogs that somehow survive in a pitiful state in this desolate Greek wasteland.

You and I are animal lovers. Like me, you know how wonderful the love and friendship of a dog is. They give so much to us that we have to give back that love whenever we can. Please, if you possibly can, give generously to Network for Animals today so that we can continue to help dogs like Rock and all the other dogs who need us.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. It was touch and go, but Rock will live. He’s weak and faces costly months at the veterinary hospital, but he’s getting his bounce back and he’s trusting humans again. Please, give if you can because without you dogs like Rock will die every day in Greece.