For three years, I have been sending my team into Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, one of the most dangerous areas in South Africa. It is a place riddled with violent drug-dealing, dog-abusing gangs.

It’s always been a tough place to work but it just got worse.

Now, they’ve started shooting at us when we try to help dogs!

Fallen Angels

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This is because they have learned that we are trying to stop illegal dog fighting rings and because there is gang pride in shooting people.

Nothing stops us in our crusade to help animals. The animals need us, and we won’t let them down. On a recent rescue mission, we discovered a poor street dog fighting for her life; cruel monsters had confined and starved her because they found it amusing to watch her gradually die in torment. She had the worst case of mange my team had ever seen.

We immediately intervened to give her urgent medical treatment. That’s when the thugs spotted us. They aggressively started shouting at us: “She just won’t die! Kill her! Kill her! Throw a stone at her head!”

We rescued her and got away with a bullet hole in our vehicle’s tailgate while the gangsters cackled with laughter as we sped away.

Bullets Fallen Angels

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This is scary stuff. It’s such dangerous work that other organisations won’t go to the gang areas, but with your help, I won’t let the animals down. We saved the dog and renamed her Princess, she’s being treated by a vet and cared for by our partner Fallen Angels. Luckily, she has a second chance of life, but there are countless other Princesses dogs who need you.

Princess lives in a place where dog lives are worth nothing. More than 4,000 street dogs live in constant pain and suffering. They survive by scavenging and the only veterinary care they get is when my team visits. They are always at risk of being caught and used as bait dogs in dog-fighting pits. The gangsters throw kidnapped dogs into the pits to be torn to pieces by fighting dogs, so gamblers can tell which dogs are most vicious.

I will not stop helping the dogs even though it’s dangerous, but I need your help to give them the assistance they need. Please, if you possibly can give generously right now so that together we can help dogs in distress, bullets or no bullets.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Right now it is winter in South Africa and the most pressing need is to buy food for hungry dogs. Your donation will help fill a hungry dog’s stomach through the harsh winter months. Please give generously today.