At a hardworking, government-run Wildlife Rescue Center in the Philippines, a baby macaque and his sanctuary companions need our help for a chance at a better life.

An amazing veterinarian at the center is doing her very best to care for little Mikko, the adorable orphan monkey whose mother was murdered before his eyes.

It would melt your heart to see the close bond this special vet has with the tiny primate. It’s really helping Mikko out of his grief and loneliness. But funds are so limited, and the vet spends money out of her own pocket to provide Mikko with more milk and food.

Please will you give even $5 or $10 now to help with Mikko’s care?

Like so many animals who are taken from the wild, Mikko has been deprived of so much in the brief time he’s been alive. Until he came to the center, all he knew was loss.

We can’t stand by when we know that as a friend to Network for Animals, you would want us to pitch in and help Mikko and the other monkeys however we could!

Mikko the Monkey

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Even $5 from you now means that Mikko’s veterinarian caregiver can buy a bit of extra milk or a nutrient-rich snack so this sweet orphan can grow.

There’s more to this…

Tuberculosis is still a serious health problem in the Philippines. Humans like the hunters that killed Mikko’s mother can transmit the disease to monkeys, but the staff at the center are determined to help even the sickest primates as best they can.

Your generosity today gives Mikko’s sick sanctuary friends a better life, too, for as long as they have left.

Donate $10 or even $20 in all, and we will make sure the Wildlife Rescue Center has enough to build larger enclosures for the primates who are suffering from TB.


Make a Donation:


Together we can really help Mikko, Mikko’s caregiver, and all the staff and rescued primates at this last resort for monkeys, no matter how desperately ill they may be.

Looking into Mikko’s eyes as he hugs his plush toys close makes you realize how sad his little life has been.

Please help him and the other monkeys now if you can. They have no one else.

We are truly grateful to know there are people like you out there who care. You are such a gift to this lifesaving work we do. Thank you so much.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Mikko is so small that he is still in isolation away from the other monkeys. The stuffed animals he clings to and his daily time with his favorite veterinarian are this precious orphan’s only bright spots. Please if you can, help us make sure Mikko always has enough food and a safe home. Thank you again.