I have told you before about the heartbreaking situation around Tavsanli in southern Turkey which is used as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Thousands of the poor creatures survive by eating the discarded chicken carcasses dumped on to the land to make fertiliser.

They have no food, no veterinary care and no hope of rescue.

Turkish Tragedy

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It’s a diabolical situation and it just got worse. My team visited the area and found it strewn with dead dogs and puppies. It seems likely that many died from drinking from fertiliser-contaminated water from the many streams that flow through the area.

We found a tiny puppy with no mother, so weak, her head drooped on a step. It’s touch and go if she will live.

The municipal authorities claim that they feed the dogs, but the truth is the dog feeding stations are in ruins. The dogs get no food.

As far as the authorities are concerned the dogs can starve.
We have proof they illegally killed 40,000 dogs!

Turkish Tragedy

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It gets even worse, if that is possible. We have evidence of extreme cruelty in some of the chicken farms in the area, with birds crushed together in filthy conditions that are totally illegal under Turkish law.

Poisoned water, poisoned food and a poisoned environment.
That’s a dog’s life.

The scale of the problem is huge, but I am determined to help the dogs. My team has supplied food and we are seeking to work with the Turkish government to end the horror forever.

My team recently met with government officials in Ankara. They promised to investigate and agreed that they might allow us to move dogs to no-kill shelters. It’s not much progress but this is the way the government works and it’s a start. I won’t stop until the dogs get justice. I need your help to keep fighting for a solution and to bring aid to the dogs right now. Please if you can, give generously today so that I can fight for dogs in distress in Turkey.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. There’s a general election coming up in Turkey in June. This is a good time to get the government to pay attention. Please, sign our petition and please be as generous as you can today. Together we can fight and WIN for dogs who have no other hope.